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Chris Do Best

Chris did the best

FROM: Chris Dad

Subject Tutoring Prepares a Child to Love Learning

We highly recommend Huntington Learning Center of Indianapolis for any parent looking to teach their child how to love learning. Their teaching staff is phenomenal - my son loves going to tutoring! We have increased our tutoring from twice a week to three times so that he can maximize his lessons. HLC provides an environment that is suited for learning yet keeps an atmosphere of fun and productivity. HLC's subject level tutoring is our favorite as it provides confidence in the classroom.

FROM: Kimberly S.

Caught Up In Math

My daughter started tutoring at Huntington this past summer to help her improve her math skills. Huntington did a a great job of getting her caught up on her grade level skills by the time school started and she is already showing improvements in her math grades this school year!! My daughter also really enjoys the time she spends with her tutor.

FROM: Jen M.

My daughter loves going to tutoring.

My daughter loves going to tutoring. She can't wait to go every week. She loves the teachers and everyone at the center.

FROM: Deidra H.

I got help on my Algebra Subject from Huntington Chattanooga

I struggled a lot in math and often came home confused and missing assignments. Then that next semester I went here and the tutor I had was excellent. They helped me turn in my assignments and taught me things before they were taught in class.


Our son got excellent help in preparing him for ACT

our son enrolled in the ACT Prep course. We have been very happy with the tutor and with the staff. They have communicated well with us about his progress and challenges. The staff has a genuine concern regarding the success of our son and have done all they can to help him reach his potential. We are so thankful for all their work and thoughtfulness.


Active in an Engaging Way

The teachers said that we needed to put our son on medication to calm him down. After 4 months of meeting with retired teacher Mrs. F... Our son is engaging in learning and receiving positive praise reports from his teachers. He was active at school because he didn't understand the information the teacher was presenting. Now that he is reading above grade level, he is actively engage in his school work. Our 7 year old son is reading on a 3.7 grade level now and when he started he was reading 1.3...


35 on the ACT and Proud

Our son was challenged intellectually by his tutors every session and he would have pages of handwritten notes that he would come home to study. He also did the online prep that they offer when he wasn't in session. Imagine our shock when we saw the 35 overall score. Now on to college applications. Wish us luck!

FROM: The T's
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